Andrea Chénier

U. Giordano
Date : 20 / Jan / 2022
Time : 19:30
Tel : +30 2130885700
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Andrea Chénier – Umberto Giordano

Greek National Opera

Opera • Revival

Greek National Opera – Stavros Niarchos Hall
Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center


20, 23, 26, 29 Jan & 6, 10, 13 Feb 2022

Conductor Philippe Auguin / Stathis Soulis
Director/ Sets/ Costumes / Lighting 
Nikos Petropoulos
Revival director 
Ion Kessoulis
Fausta Mazzucchelli
Revival choreographer – Movement coach
Stratos Papanoussis
Revival lighting
Christos Tziogkas
Chorus master
Agathangelos Georgakatos

Andrea Chénier Marcelo Puente
Carlo Gérard Elchin Azizov (29/1)
Dimitri Platanias (6, 10, 13/2)
Maddalena di Coigny Cellia Costea (29/1 & 6/2)
María José Siri (10, 13/2)
Bersi Marissia Papalexiou
La Contessa di Coigny Chrysanthi Spitadi
Madelon Julia Souglacou
Mathieu Harris Andrianos
Roucher Dionysios Sourbis (29/1 & 13/2)
Yanni Yannissis (6, 10/2)
Pietro Fléville Vangelis Maniatis
Fouquier-Tinville George Mattheakakis
An Incroyable Yannis Kalyvas (29/1 & 13/2)
Christos Kechris (6, 10/2)
The Abbé Dionisios Melogiannidis
Schmidt Vangelis Maniatis
Master of the household Marinos Tarnanas
George Mattheakakis (6/2)
Dumas Dionisos Tsantinis


The Greek National Opera is opening 2022 with a revival of Umberto Giordano’s iconic opera Andrea Chénier inside the Stavros Niarchos Hall of the GNO at the SNFCC, conducted by Philippe Auguin and directed by Nikos Petropoulos. This opera tells the life story of French poet Andrea Chénier (1762-1794). In the year 1789, we find Chénier supporting the Revolution from within Paris’ aristocratic circles and joining the revolutionary movement alongside Gérard, who goes from being a servant of the aristocracy to becoming one of the leading figures of the sans-culottes, common people of the lower classes actively involved in the revolutionary political struggle (dubbed sans-culottes –literally “without breeches”– since, unlike the aristocracy who wore silk breeches cut below the knee, they wore long trousers called pantaloons). However, the love of these two men for the same women tips their friendship into rivalry. Three years later, when Chénier is arrested as a conspirator against the Revolution, Gérard drafts the charges indicting him. Though Gérard will later realise the error of his ways and try to free the poet, his efforts are in vain and Chénier is led to the guillotine.

The timeless values spotlighted by this opera, so artfully combined with the work’s intensely erotic and dramatic elements, and brought to the fore by Giordano’s captivating music, help explain why this particular opera has proven so very popular with audiences, right through to the present day. Performing the lead roles are such internationally acclaimed soloists as Marcelo Puente, Cellia Costea, María José Siri, Dimitri Platanias, and Elchin Azizov, among others.