Cretan Girl

S. Samaras
Date : 18 / Dec / 2021
Time : 20:00
Tel : +302103642540
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Cretan Girl – Spyridon Samaras

Olympia City Music Theater

Olympia City Music Theater “Maria Callas”

Comic melodrama in three acts
Libretto by Nikolaos Laskaris and Polyvios Dimitrakopoulos


19, 21, 23, 25, 27 Dec 2021

Conductor: Andreas Tselikas
Director: Petros Zoulias
Sets/Costumes: Anastasia Arseni
Musical preparation: Dimitris Yakas
Director assistant: Konstantina Strani
Movement: Fotis Diamantopoulos
Lighting: Katerina Maragoudaki
Music research and overview: Vyron Fidetzis
Chorus master: Stavros Beris

Areti  Eleni Voudouraki
Miranta Makrynioti
Contassa Marilena Striftompola
Annie Fassea
Duke Dionissis Tsantinis
Giorgos Papadimitriou
Dutchess Gulia Souglakou
Maria Vlachopoulou
Pavlos Dimitris Paksoglou
Konstantinos Klironomos
Michalis Yannis Filias
Christos Kechris
Furlanos Marios Sarantidis
Giorgos Iatrou
Don Placido Pavlos Pantazopoulos
Marinos Tarnanas

With the Orchestra and Chorus of the Athens City Symphony Orchestra 

In the program of its first production the Cretan girl is referred to as a comic melodrama; there is no indication though concerning the genre on the composer’s manuscript. Although the plot is set on Crete during the Venetian rule (1211-1715), the inspiration for the work came probabley from the Cretan revolutions against the Ottoman Empire during the late 19th century, the foundation of the Cretan State (1896-1913) and finally the unification of Crete with Greece after the Balkan Wars of 1912/3. Central figure of the plot is Areti, the Cretan girl. She tries to gain priviliges for her compaltriots from the Venetian Duke of Crete, who is in love with her. Around this basic plot a number of comical sentmental stories unfolds, which lead the opera to a happy ending

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Students, reduced: €10
Limited visibility seats: €5