The Secret of the Rivers

Minas Alexiadis
Date : 22 / Jul / 2023
Time : 20:30
Tel : +30 2130885700
Free admission

The Secret of the Rivers – Minas Alexiadis

Stavros Niarchos Hall

3rd Lyrical South Festival: A melodic Festival for all audiences

Greek National Opera – Stavros Niarchos Hall

22 JULY 2023

Composition / Libretto Minas I. Alexiadis
Andreas Tselikas
Nikos Diamantis
Artemis Flessa
Asi Dimitropoulou
Choreography Pierre Tavernier
Lighting Christos Tziogas
Musical preparation 
Spyros Souladakis
Assistant director
Vassia Zorbali
Assistant set designer 
Aggeliki Vassilopoulou Kampitsi

Ilisos Christos Kechris
Eridanos Kostas Mavrogenis
Cephissus Dimitris Kasioumis
Aunt Katie Margarita Syngeniotou
Callirhoe Marianna Polychronidi
Seer Tiresias Nikos Spanatis
Shadow Achileas Haldeakis
Goddess Athena Margarita Varlamou
Mr Takis Kostas Flokatoulas

With a vocal ensemble and eleven member orchestra

This opera, subtitled “Ecological opera Rated R”, is the first musical theater work based on the theme of the rivers and streams of Attica. Here, the three imprisoned rivers (Ilissos, Iridanos, Kifissos* “the writing is kept according to the composer’s wish”) and the nymph Callirhoe star in personal and love adventures. They are tormented by the “baron of the night” Mr. Takis, but with the guidance of the goddess Athena and an oracle of the seer Teiresias, they are led to their emergence and liberation, through an optimistic triumphant finale.

Recommended for audiences over the age of 15


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