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29 February 2016

“The air we breathe!” @GNO

06 MARCH 2016 Greek National Opera, Olympia Theatre Foyer Kostas Avgerinos trombone Vassia Zacharopoulou soprano Christos Kechris tenor Sophia Tamvakopoulou piano A concert in honor...
01 February 2016

“Love, philosophy, poetry” @GNO

14 FEBRUARY 2016 Greek National Opera, Olympia Theatre Foyer Vassia Zacharopoulou soprano Christos Kechris tenor Titos Gouvelis piano A concert for voice and...
05 January 2016

Onetz – Beethoven’s 9th Symphony

“Christos Kechris was convincing at his aria “Froh, wie seine Sonnen fliegen”. Autor Fhe, Neujahrskonzerte im ACC Grandiose Neujahrskonzerte mit...
18 December 2015

Onetz – Ode to Joy

With Nadia Engheben and Theodora Baka, with Christos Kechris and Luke Milugja, experienced, international and active soloists. Beethovens 9. in Amberg – Ode...