Opera Night

Date : 4 / Sep / 2022
Time : 20:30
Tel : +302109887028
free admission

Opera Night

Theater Vrilission Alice Vouyiouklaki

Opera Night in memory of Distinguished Operatic Artists

Conductor Byron Fidetzis

Participating artists (pro bono):
Theodora Baka, Christos Kechris, Marisia Papalexiou, Marios Sarantidis, Vasiliki Karayanni, Yannis Christopoulos, Petros Magoulas, Sophia Kyanidou, Chrissa Maliamani, Lenia Safiropoulou, Haris Andrianos, Lydía Zervanos, Dimitris Sigalos, Julia Souglakou, Tassis Christoyannopoulos, Mina Polychronou, Dimitris Paksoglou, Mary-Ellen Nesi, Christoforos Stamboglis

Athens Philharmonia Orchestra

In the last few months, a number of distinguished and internationally renowned operatic artists have unexpectedly passed away. Among them are the soloists Yolanda di Tasso, Pavlos Raptis, Lela Stamos, Daphne Evangelatos, Martha Arapis and the conductor Karolos Trikolidis.

The Athens Philharmonia Orchestra and its Art Director, conductor Byron Fidetzis, in collaboration with the Municipality of Vrilissia, presented an opera night with favorite excerpts from operatic works by Greek and international composers, dedicated to the memory of the great artists who recently passed away.
This honorary event features well-known artists of the Greek National Opera, who offered their services without compensation.

The same goes for the conductor Mr. Fidetzis and the Athens Philharmonia Orchestra, who also offered their services for this event without compensation.