Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance

Plato, Philosopher


19 April 2018

Athinorama – A visually majestic Magic Flute

Monostatos by tenor Christos Kechris was exceptional both musically and dramatically. Eftichis Choriatakis, Athinorama Ένας εικαστικά μαγευτικός «Μαγικός Αυλός» για...
18 December 2017

Kathimerini Newspaper -Atmospheric “Orfeo”

With crystal clear voice, Christos Kechris was a wonderful Pastore. Nikos Dontas, Kathimerini Newspaper Ατμοσφαιρικός «Ορφέας» με αφορμή τον Μοντεβέρντι Κάθε...
12 September 2017

Critics’ Point – Review of Madama Butterfly

Exemplary enunciation by Christos Kechris, as Goro. Kyriakos P. Loukakos, Critics’ Point Μαντάμα Μπάτερφλαϊ, κριτική του Κυριάκου Π. Λουκάκου Είναι...
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