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19 April 2018

Athinorama – A visually majestic Magic Flute

Monostatos by tenor Christos Kechris was exceptional both musically and dramatically. Eftichis Choriatakis, Athinorama Ένας εικαστικά μαγευτικός «Μαγικός Αυλός» για...
04 January 2018

Tosca at the National Greek Opera

The production directed by Nikos Petropoulos in 2007 following an invitation from the GNO’s then artistic director, Stefanos Lazaridis, is...
18 December 2017

Kathimerini Newspaper -Atmospheric “Orfeo”

With crystal clear voice, Christos Kechris was a wonderful Pastore. Nikos Dontas, Kathimerini Newspaper Ατμοσφαιρικός «Ορφέας» με αφορμή τον Μοντεβέρντι Κάθε...
15 November 2017

The return of “Orpheus

Occasioned by the anniversary for the 450 years after Monteverdi’s birth, Thanos Papakonstantinou and Markellos Chryssicos present L’ Orfeo – an...
17 October 2017

Historical premiere of Electra

Greek National Opera inaugurates the new chapter in its history at its new premises at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural...
12 September 2017

Critics’ Point – Review of Madama Butterfly

Exemplary enunciation by Christos Kechris, as Goro. Kyriakos P. Loukakos, Critics’ Point Μαντάμα Μπάτερφλαϊ, κριτική του Κυριάκου Π. Λουκάκου Είναι...
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