Orlando Paladino or the story of lovers in trouble

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23 December 2016

Orlando Paladino or the story of lovers in trouble

The love between Angelica and Medoro is troubled by the paladin Orlando. The latter pursues Angelica who he wishes to wed, and in return, Medoro wants to kill him. Distraught, the two lovers are compelled to flee. Pasquale, Orlando’s cowardly and boastful squire, courts the shepherdess Eurilla, while Rodomonte, king of Barbaria, adds to the general confusion. The sorceress Alcina, who seeks to ensure the happiness of the two lovers, traps Orlando in a deep cave where Caronte heals him with a few drops from the River Lethe. Orlando is freed from his obsessions: his senseless love for Angelica and his desire for revenge towards Medoro. Angelica and Medoro can finally be together, as well as Pasquale and Eurilla.

The performances start at December 29, 2016 until January 15, 2017 at Opéra de Fribourg, January 22 at CO2, Bulle and February 17 and 19 at Opéra de Lausanne.

Athénaïs Python and Clémence Vonlanthen followed one of the final rehearsals.

Orlando Paladino ou l’histoire d’amours troublées

Les amours d’Angelica et de Medoro sont troublés par le chevalier Orlando. Ce dernier poursuit la jeune femme, qu’il veut épouser, et Medoro qu’il veut tuer. Affolés, les deux amoureux doivent s’enfuir, et le chevalier sombre dans la folie. Orlando Paladino est un opéra en trois actes composé par Joseph Haydn. Le spectacle sera joué dès le 29 décembre et jusqu’au 15 janvier au théâtre Equilibre de Fribourg. Athénaïs Python et Clémence Vonlanthen ont suivi l’une des dernières répétitions.

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